Congregational Learning

At Mishkan Ha’am we have Jewish education opportunities for all ages and we strive to create a learning community where all are welcome under our tent, our Mishkan. Mishkan Ha’am is Hebrew for Tent of the People or Sacred Tent of the People. When we form tight knit, mutually respectful groups, we can explore our interests and passions and we can teach and learn in wonderful, inspiring ways.

Adult Education

Our Adult Jewish Education program topics are generated by our members and our Rabbi, through the congregation’s Adult Education Committee. Programs occur on weeknights and weekends and include our well-attended Sunday Brunch N’ Learns and Torah Study sessions. Everyone is encouraged to participate, or just listen and learn. Recent topics have included: An Introduction to Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan and Reconstructionism; Using Musar to Prepare for the High Holidays; Comparative Jewish/Christian Theology (with our Rabbi and the Pastor of our host Reformed Church); and Exile and the Jewish Imagination. Conversations and discussions are thought provoking and lively.

We also have a Book/Film Discussion Group that chooses works by or about Jewish and Israeli writers and topics. Topics generated by our members through the book and film planning committee stimulate interesting and sometimes difficult discussions. A recent program included a discussion about Sephardic Jews in Israel presented in the film “A Woman’s Balcony,” led by the Executive Director of the American Sephardi Association. Another well received program, led by our Rabbi, examined differing view-points of Israelis and Palestinians in the book, “Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor,” as well as apublished letter entitled, “A Palestinian Responds to His Israeli Neighbor.”