Shabbatapalooza is Mishkan Ha’am’s Shabbat program for 1 ½ -5 year olds and their adults. We meet once a month on Shabbat mornings (Saturdays) from 11-12. 

Baby Shabbat program in Westchester, NY

Our space is broken up into stations which include: Shabbat songs and stories, games, sensory activities, toys, and crafts.  Each month we focus on a Jewish value or an upcoming Jewish holiday. 

Some of our projects have included: decorating a picture frame and framing the blessing for children traditionally recited on Friday evenings, making a laminated drip tray for Shabbat and Chanukah candles including the words of the prayers, and making our own Kiddish cup for Shabbat and Passover!  All of our learning is done through play and exploration. 

This is also a space in which parents of young children get to know each other and build community.  We always end with a Bubble Dance Party!  At the conclusion of Shabbatapalooza, we join with the larger Mishkan Ha’am community for a light Kiddish lunch.  Together we build community through laughter and fun!