Sukkot, Free Services in Westchester

Sukkot brings an atmosphere of joy, reflecting the biblical command to “Be joyful at your feast” (Deuteronomy 16:14). In fact, Sukkot is known as “the time of our happiness.”

Sukkot 2019 will begin the evening of Sunday, October 13 and ends the evening of Sunday, October 20

Join us on Sukkot: October 19, 2019

Shabbat Service, Potluck Lunch, and Adult Ed in our Sukkah
Location: 18 Farragut Ave, Hastings

10:00 am – Shabbat/Sukkot Service
11:00 am – Shabbatapalooza – for toddlers & their grownups (details)
12:00 pm – Vegetarian Potluck Lunch
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm – Adult Education: New Perspectives on the “Stranger”

Please join us for one, two, or all three programs! We will begin with a Shabbat service and include special Sukkot prayers. Following that, we’ll have a potluck vegetarian lunch together in the Sukkah.

After lunch, we’ll have a study session that looks at how the s​tranger ​(Hebrew: ger) is discussed in the Torah. The verse “you shall not oppress the stranger…” is one of the most commonly cited verses of Torah, and it has taken on a heightened significance given the current state of the world. We will look also at other references to the ​stranger i​n the Torah, particularly ones that deal with how the stranger ​might behave in an Israelite community. This will give us a more nuanced perspective of how our ancestors related to the “other” in their own communities. With the tradition of welcoming guests (Ushpizin) into our Sukkah, this is an opportune time for exploring this important topic.

Simchat Torah: October 21, 2019

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

A really special night at Mishkan Ha’am featuring hora dancing to our own homegrown Yiddiots, Live. We unwrap the Torah scroll and surround our children with it. We need at least 72 adults to hold the open scroll, so please come bringing friends and family! Pizza & drinks begin at 6:30 pm; Hakafot/Dancing begins at 7:00 pm.

Building relationships at Mishkan Ha’am

Would you like to get to know MH’ers of different generations better? This year we hope to do just that with a new initiative to bring people of different ages together in small groups in members’ homes. First up is a program leading into Simchat Torah. We will match up members in groups of 2-3 member families/individuals. The groups will then arrange a mutually convenient time before Simchat Torah (10/21/19) to meet at one of the member’s homes for a few hours to work on a fun Torah-themed project together. We will provide the groups with a few choices of projects and the group will choose the one that they find most interesting. Then, when we gather as a community on Simchat Torah, the groups will share their projects with everyone. To sign up or for more information, please contact Susan​.​

Shabbatapalootza: Kids & Family Program

Shabbatapalooza is Mishkan Ha’am’s Shabbat program for 1.5 years-old to 5 years-old toddlers and their grownups. 

We build community through laughter: We start with several Shabbat songs.  Then we move on to tables with different activities, including the arts and craft table, Shabbat and Jewish holiday themed toys, Shabbat and Jewish holiday themed board books, sensory activities (such as slime or ooblek), building activities (such as Duplo or Geo Block centers), and more.  We end our time together with an awesome Bubble Dance Party! 

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